• Layer It On

        Published Feb 15 2018, 12:33 AM by Emily Andrews

        If there is one question we get the most concerning our winter sports and recreation products it's this: "What's the best way to keep warm?" And the answer is three simple words: "layering, layering, layering!"

        Layering helps you stay warm and comfortable in a number of ways:

        It traps insulating air between the layers

        It wicks away moisture from your skin, keeping you dry. And keeping dry is an important part of keeping warm.

        Compared to one thick layer, multiple thiner layers let you adapt to circumstances by removing or opening an out layer when you get too hot.

        In most cases three layers are optimal:

        A base layer next to your skin that draws away perspiration. The most common materials for this layer are wool or synthetics like polyesther or microfibre fabrics. At We.Retail we recommend long underwear made from Merino wool. It has excellent wicking ability combined with a natural softness that won't irritate your skin like other wools sometimes do. It is also naturally resistant to odours.

        An insulating layer. This should be made of a breatable insulation like a wool, fleece or down jacket. Depending on the situation we recommend either fleece or down. Fleece provides good insulation and absorbs very little moisture. Down on the other hand provides even better insultaion but is more absorabnt of water. For moderate cold fleece is sufficient, but in very cold dry conditions a down jacket with a thinner fleece layer underneath is the best.

        A shell. The shell should be waterproof or at least water-resistant but breatable. We recommend Nortex material. It is waterproof but has micropores that allows water vapour out. In less extreme settings, a breathable polyesther shell can also be used, but these are water-resistant, not truly waterproof. Plastic raincoats and the like should be avoided. They trap moisture in your clothes and next to your skin and before long you are soaking wet and cold.

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      • Summer Training

        Published Feb 15 2018, 12:33 AM by Emily Andrews

        See what our own staff members do to beat the heat.

        We asked our staff to give us their tips for summer training. Here are some of the responses:

        Heidi: "I like to go running in the evening when things cool down. I usually wear my Mombasa trainers because they have the best support."

        Jonah: "When I go biking I ride a We.Retail Cajamara 27 speed. And I always wear my Tacna helmet!"

        Zoltan: "I'm a surfer. When I hit the beach on the Big Island I have to be prepared. So, I work out regularly and make sure my board is in good shape. Also, remeber to always check for sharks!"

        Ingrid: "I grew up in the mountains so in the winter I ski, but in the summer I go hiking. Obviously the most important thing to have is a good pair of hiking boots. Make sure they have a stiff sole and lot's of ankle support. You maz thing running shoes are good enough, but 10 minutes covering rocky uneven ground and you'll wish you'd brought the right equipment"

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      • Going for Gold

        Published Feb 15 2018, 12:33 AM by Emily Andrews

        The latest from the men's Olympic beach volleyball team. We.Retail is a proud sponsor of the Erehwon Olympic beach volleyball team.

        going-for-gold: In the last Olympic games in Beijing the team did great, winning five gold medals. They are now looking forward to competing in London in 2012. So far this year they have played exhibition games in Paris, New York, Frankfurt and Tokyo. Here are the highlights from that tour:

        Erehwon vs. Erehwemos in New York: A great game was played by both sides with Erewhon edging out their long-time rivals 10 points to 8.

        Erehwon vs. Erehwesle in Paris: A new matchup! Meeting for the first time in the international circuit the Erehweslians were beaten by our team in closely fought game 12 to 11.

        Erehwon vs. Erehwyna in Frankfurt: An exciting game all around with Erehwon triumphing 13 to 9.

        Erehwon vs. Erehwemos in Tokyo: The rivalry continues! Erehwemos dug deep somewhere and no matter what they did the Erehwon team got nowhere! The final score: Erehwon 0, Erehwemos 7. Ouch! But our boys in will be back. The season isn't over!

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      • Yes, I ski like a girl

        Published Feb 15 2018, 12:33 AM by Emily Andrews

        To get the most out of ski season, you should follow a few simple rules. Here are a few of my best tips for women (or indeed anyone) when hitting the slopes or trails.

        Cross-country skiing: Warming up. Don't discount the value of a proper warm-up. If you step out in to the cold and immediately start to exert yourself too much, you are much more likely to get injured. A quick warmup and stretch can work wonders!

        Dress for the weather. But not too warmly. Remember that you need to dress warmly enough to be comfortable but not so warmly that you overheat. The best strategy is to layer your clothes so you can adjust them as needed. Alpine skiers should be especially aware of this since while sitting in the chairlift you need to keep warm but when skiing down the piste may not need so much insulation.

        Keep hydrated. The main mistake many people make during winter sports is to think that in the cold you don't need as much water. Nothing could be further from the truth. The best solution is to bring a long small thermos of sweetened tea. This is especially important for cross-country skiers.

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